(Ohhh yeaahh… between the pj’s, compression socks and Clinical Biochemistry, things get prettty hot around here on Thursday nights…)

Why is it always that, as soon as you feel like you’re super fit & training is going brilliantly blah blah blah… you get injured? Is it the Universe restoring some kind of athletic balance?! Showing you that you are in fact, all too human and that you’d better not get too cocky ’cause she can wallop you on the beehind any damn time she likes! Well, whatever it is, it sucks! I’m sat here with (what I’m praying is just) a twisted (c)ankle, feeling a little sorry for myself. Only a little, mind! I know it could be much, much worse…

My mantra is RICE – Rest , Ice, Compress & Elevate and I’m using this downtime to get ahead with school work! School started a week or so back and jeeeeeeesus is it hardcore! I think all of us Maidens are feeling somewhat overwhelmed, getting a look at our coursework deadline / exam calendar for the next 3 months didn’t help much either! But, becoming a Dietitian is something that we are all passionate about and it was definitely a slog just to claim one of the few, much coveted spots on the degree in the first place, so you can bet your ass that we are all working extremely hard to get the best out of it!

In other news I have been reading up on running and it seems that all roads point towards a more ‘barefoot’ style making you more efficient and much less injury prone! So, I am taking baby steps, as my calves tend to give me trouble at the best of times, and have purchased my first pair of Nike Frees…


Initial verdict is that I LOVE them! The 5.0’s are like a midway point between my current super supportive Brooks and something, well something completely barefoot! This goes against the very fibre of my being, not throwing myself wholeheartedly into something (barefoot running, in this case) and yet I know that making small adjustments to gait / style etc over a longer period of time is a much better and healthier way of doing things! Yes, it would appear I’m learning… 😉

Anyhoo I am officially pooped so I’m going to say good night! I will be back at some point very soon with a guest post from a super lovely & inspirational friend of mind!

Please send me happy, healing thoughts! Let’s hope that I wake up tomorrow with a magically healed ankle! It could happen, right?!

Lots of love, Hayley

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