The Maidens


Hi! See that duckface goin’ on up there?! Thats me!! I’m Hayley, one third of the rockstar trio that is The Iron Maidens! (I’m obviously super modest, too!) I’m a 20 something original Northern lass currently residing in not-so-sunny London with a clan of rescue animals – Oscar, Betty & Snoopy. I’m at university full time studying Human Nutrition & my goal is to become a registered Dietitian.

I might as well preface this by saying I’m a total geek! I literally love university, and it’s not because of the loans, cheap booze or being away from home! I actually love learning, I love what I’m learning about (most of the time!) and I think my fellow class mates are pretty awesome! I’m sure if I had gone to uni when I was younger it would have been a different story though… 😉

I LOVE traveling and have lived and worked in various different countries over the years. There are still sooooo many places I want to visit though and I hope someday to hop across the pond & make the good old US of A my home! I haven’t quite decided exactly where just yet but somewhere near a beach… and also a city… yes, I like options! 😉

I always push myself in the gym. In my opinion, if  you don’t feel like you want to pass out and / or vomit, then you’re not working hard enough! I’m always coming up with new exercises and routines & I’m just really lucky that my training partners, my fellow maidens, are just as crazy up for it as I am (see the whole Iron Man goal!)! They also happen to be the best workout partners because of their unwavering support and motivation, we’ve all had those days when your body just won’t seem to do what you’re telling it to do and frustration sets in. Well, these ladies know exactly when to give me a kick up the bum and when to reign me in a little, both equally important!

To finish off this little ‘about me’ section I’m gonna tell you 10 things you probably don’t really want to know about me.

  1. I love animals, possibly even more than humans. Ok so if you’ve known me for more than 5 mins you probably already know this!
  2. I genuinely believe in our ability to do anything we want to do, as long as we are willing to put in the work.
  3. I’m super impatient, when I get an idea in my head I have to act on it immediately. Basically, I want everything yesterday. I’m also a dreamer and totally one track minded so this results in me pouring every inch of myself into something until… I find something else to get totally obsessive about. (I am getting better at steering away from ‘fad of the week’ territory though, I promise!


  1. I am a human dustbin. I love to cook & eat. Honestly, if I didn’t workout I would probably be the size of a house.
  2. I eat eggs
  3. I’m getting more scared of flying the older I get. Bummer.
  4. I’m terrified of sharks!!! (And the thought of planes crashing into hungry shark infested waters!! Ackkk!)
  5. Despite number 7 I love watersports, mainly wake boarding and surfing, although I’m not too hot at the latter!
  6. I’m an online shopper, cannot stand the crowds and the horrible changing room lighting! (Seriously how does anyone find anything they look good in when the lighting is THAT bad!?)
  7. I’m a hopeless romantic… I might act all tough but I am a total sucker for love!

I hope that this has given you a little insight into me!? Anything else you want to know, feel free to drop me a line at

Lots of love!


Now, over to you girls…

photo (1)

The oldest but definitely not the wisest of the bunch, I’m Sarah and I live, study and train in Hackney, London. Last year I took the rather momentous, and not to mention scary, decision to go back to Uni and study to become a registered Dietitian. This is where I happened across these two lovelies who can easily match my appetite for both training hard/eating plenty and I’m thrilled to be alongside them in this journey.

I’m no athlete and in fact, go back 10 years and I thought it was normal I couldn’t run up a flight of stairs and I ate buttered toast with everything. This showed in my (slightly overweight) body and mind until finally I had enough. I radically changed my diet and began my fitness journey with ‘jog-walk-jog’s around my local park. To the surprise of both myself and everyone around me, I was hooked, running became ‘my thing’ and I learned to love eating clean.

In 2010, at the peak of my running ability, I broke my foot. Badly. And it never quite recovered properly, so I’m still on my way back to my full fitness potential. Hence why, although I will certainly be training as hard as I can with Hayley & Annina, I may not be ready for competitive events just yet….we shall see. Injury and recovery affects us all at some point, so I hope to provide lots of practical advice to those suffering.

Okay, now for some ‘interesting’ facts about myself (ha!):

  1. I secretly love Mondays and resent Sundays. Something about the start of a brand new week totally makes me happy. Sundays just remind me of homework and boredom (although I do love a good roast).
  2. On the top of my checklist of things to do: hire a great big luxury RV and tour the deep south USA. Road trip anyone??
  3. I could eat sushi/sashimi every single day if I were allowed.
  4. I used to be a professional make-up artist and still have an unhealthy addiction to beauty products. And yes, I’m that girl in the gym who insists on wearing (waterproof) mascara, nowt wrong with feeling better about yourself.
  5. My mum is from Finland. If you haven’t been…go! It’s a beautiful, serene country.
  6. I’m scared of just about everything; heights, deep water, driving, snakes…the list goes on. I am officially a 31-year-old baby.
  7. Tootling around the London parks on my bike makes me very happy indeed and is one of the few times I see other Londoners smiling.
  8. I studied Philosophy first time round at Uni and I literally cannot remember any of it. Serves me right for snoozing my way through the majority of my lectures. This time I WILL concentrate!!
  9. Moderation is a boring word and yet I do attempt to consume most things in moderation, especially alcohol. But given the chance, I adore a super-dry glass of sauvignon blanc.
  10. I’m beyond excited for my future. I’ve found my dream profession and I’m ready for everything the next few years has coming for me. Bring it!!

Love, Sarah

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