Staying Healthy at Work


Hi guys!

Today’s post is gonna be a super quick one because the internet’s down at home… Again! :/

I just wanted to share todays lunch with you. I’m working till late and I needed something healthy & filling that will keep me going!

How do you guys stay healthy whilst on the road?

I’m getting better at it but I must admit I often just grab a sandwich on the go! :/

Love Hayley

{Edited to add – Extra brownie points to Nina who just sent me a picture of her lunch… At Glastonbury! Now that’s dedication for ya! How AMAZING does it look, though?! I might be more tempted to festival it up if this is what’s on offer! ;)}


Train hard, Play hard!


Up until now, there hasn’t been much noise from the other Iron Maidens. I’d like to start off my FIRST EVER post by saying a huge thank you to the high flying skills of Hayley. Her ‘get it done’ attitude has meant that not only have we begun our tough road to triathlons, you can all laugh at our pain and misery along the way. I know that with Hayley by our sides, the Iron Maidens will be triathletes and bloggers in no time!

This comes to you as I’m on the long awaited journey to Glastonbury. Although 60% of me is dying to get there and see the ‘Rolling Stones’ in the flesh (they’ve still got it!), 40% of me is shaking with fear that I’ll get back into the gym and not be able to drag myself through a single set of burpees.

This weekend I will be giving my muscles a bit of relaxation and rejuvenation in the hope that by Monday the Iron Maidens will be putting me through my paces once more. I refuse to be the girl queuing at the vegan tent, alcohol and meat will be appearing on the menu! But, I do need tips and ideas of how you all keep ship shape on holiday?! I might have to resort to a few muddy push ups (photos to follow)!

With any luck, the sleep deprivation and wading through mud with my life on my back will keep my stamina in check.

Enjoy your weekends – train hard but play hard too!

‘A trophy carries dust. Memories last forever’ – Mary Lou Retton

Love Nina xx

Dedication is…


‘Dedication is doing something you said you would do, long after the mood you said it in has disappeared.’

I love this quote, it’s so true and it got me thinking about how I stay dedicated.

Firstly I would say the most important thing is really wanting it and I mean really wanting it, whatever ‘it’ is. Not just something you fancied doing on a whim after that second caipirhinia (Don’t judge, we’ve all been there!).

Secondly, and the thing that really helps to keep me dedicated, is by being surrounded by like minded people with similar goals and ambitions. If your friends are spending their weekends knocking back vodka shots, gorging on takeaways and junk food and rolling into bed at 4am most nights then it’s likely you will end up doing the same. On the flip side however, if you have friends that are used to sticking to some kind of schedule, eat delicious clean food (at least 80% of the time, no one’s perfect!), swear by a decent nights sleep and spend their days totally kicking ass then it is likely that you will feel inspired to do the same.

Now I’m not saying you have to be boring, life is far too short for that! What I am saying is that you learn when to let your hair down and when to stay focused, ensuring that you’re fully able to get up at 6am and squeeze in that killer workout before work!

Another little something that really helps me, is visualisation techniques. See that photo up top? Thats a little portion of my living room wall. I see those images whenever I walk in the room and do you know what? They totally inspire me to keep going when I might be thinking of taking an extra rest day (Please note I am fully behind rest days, rest days rock! If your body truly needs them! I’m talking about those rest days I get tempted to take when I just can’t be arsed and need an extra kick up the bum!) or subbing a long run with a short run, whatever, they inspire me to keep pushing hard.

Also when I’m talking about visualisation techniques I’m talking about really visualising yourself completing a task, and doing a damn good job of it! Take 5 minutes before you go to bed at night and just imagine yourself jumping out of bed at whatever ungodly time your alam is set, pulling on your workout clothes and powering through an awesome workout, just imagine how good you will feel afterwards. It also helps to have your workout clothes laid out ready for you to pull on before your brain figures out what you’re doing and tries to convince you to get back into bed! Pesky mind! On the subject of having clothes already laid out, I also always have my workout prepared the night before. That way I am less tempted to float around the gym, do a few exercises and then leave. I like (or should I say, I need…) structure. It’s the only way for me to get stuff done!

How do you stay dedicated?


THE Plan

Firstly I just want to say hi!! Welcome! If anyone is out there, AWESOME! I know that this little spot of ours on the tinterweb is a bit ‘bare bones’ at the moment but I promise we will work hard to keep regular posts coming and get it filled out somewhat!

Now, onto the good stuff! The plan that we will live and die by for the next 8 weeks…

Triathlon Training Plan

I know this plan is only geared towards me and Annina but it doesn’t mean that Sarah isn’t going to be sweating alongside us for most, if not all, of the sessions! Unfortunately she has really been through the ringer with foot issues over the past couple of years and there is yet more surgery to come at some point in the next couple of months, so to avoid any unnecessary pressure she is just going to follow her own plan, listening to her body as she goes, deciding whether or not to join in on this first tri as it gets closer to the time!

As for exactly when ‘the’ time is… there are a couple of options for our first foray into triathlons and we want to give it a couple of weeks training before we decide which one is better suited. You guys will know as soon as we do!

Back to the plan! As you can see we have really focused on our weaknesses, training in those areas 3 times a week, swimming is mine and biking is Annina’s. We’re both quite happy with our current running ability and also want to avoid injury so we have decided that no more than 1 long (ish) running sesh per week is needed. Just to clarify, the majority of these runs will actually be interval based runs at the local track. We both feel that (for now) these will benefit our speed and endurance levels more than just slogging away at a steady pace for miles on end! There are also shorter runs as part of brick (Brick workouts are where 2 or more of the 3 disciplines are joined together, so… a swim and a bike, with as minimal a break in between as possible. Or a swim, a bike and a run… you get the picture!) workouts to ensure that our legs are adjusted to making the transition between sports!

We LOVE our HIIT and so it will be a mainstay of our weekly routine! We have scheduled in one longish HIIT followed by a quick weights set per week however I have a feeling we might sneak in extra ones along the way! 😉

With this being our first time training for a triathlon I guess it’s all trial and error and we have all agreed (despite our competitive natures!) that we just want to get round this first tri without embarrassing ourselves too much! When (if) we find our feet a little more we will focus on actually racing.

I must admit, it’s kinda sinking in now, what we are setting out to do! Meep! Saying that I am more than ready to jump straight into todays swim!

Catch you soon, loves!