Running back on schedule!



So, it’s about time I gave a little update on what exactly I’ve been up to. The truth is, in terms of training….not too much! The summer tore past in a flurry of having to work full-time (gah!), lazy sunny days, a quick holiday and catching up with friends/family. To be honest, training took a back seat and to be even more honest, it was kind of nice to relax up a little! I have of course been running as usual (keeps me sane) alongside HIIT workouts at home, biking, kettlebell circuits and other bits and bobs. But I just haven’t been pushing myself or attempting anything new. Which soon signals a kind of ‘exercise comfort zone’…somewhere I’d rather not be!

New challenges and fresh ideas usually mean I stay motivated and excited about training. So it’s well and truly the time to get back on track. I’ve got a training challenge on the horizon; to achieve a new PB at Silverstone Half-Marathon next March. I’m not going to ‘announce’ what time I’m aiming for just yet, but I want it to be as quick as is realistic for me! I will be mixing up my usual distances with plenty of tempo and hill runs in order to get my speed up!

The start of a new semester at University means more opportunities to train with Hayley and Annina and we’re planning on lots of Insanity workouts to boost all of our training goals. These fierce, interval-based workouts do push me and however much I resent burpees at the time, I feel a massive difference in my running endurance.

A few dietary bad habits appeared to creep in over the summer holidays too, which has left me feeling a tad sluggish and heavy. I definitely became way too accustomed to daily ice-creams and eating late night plates of pasta. So I’m reassessing my food choices and making tweaks here and there in the hope of just leaning up a little. Never a diet, just a little clean-up!

We’ve all been suffering with various twinges, aches and pains from training and I’m determined to be more savvy about injury prevention. I can deal with DOMS, but searing pain from IT band issues is something I want to knock on the head. Plenty more stretching sessions, yoga, Pilates and foam rolling should sort me out hopefully.

I’ll be checking in with training progress and some food updates very soon, until then have a great week!

Love, Sarah x


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