Little Voices

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Remember that little pearl of wisdom your Nana once told you ‘If you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say it?’….if she had replaced ‘nice’ with ‘positive’ she’d of hit the nail on the head!

I’m not entirely sure why the human race is innately programmed to ‘rain on your parade’ the moment a goal requiring a little hard work is made. We’ve all been there, announced a challenge to be told it’s stupid, it won’t happen, it’s a waste of time. Do not allow other peoples negative voices to form your own!

If you decide on doing something no matter how challenging, its simple. There is no back door clause, you either do it or you don’t and only you dictate what happens.

Why not make life easier and surround yourself with like minded positive people who on those cold, damp mornings get you up out of your pit to train until you’re physically sick. I’m lucky to have found mine in the Iron Maidens. Get out there and go find yours!

Love xx

Hayley’s Workout Recap // Week 2


It’s that time of the week again?! Wow, time is flying! Good job I bloody love Mondays! I know I’ve talked about this before but I just love that fresh start, anything is possible feeling I get on Mondays and today is no exception.

Anyway, I’m here to give you a quick recap of my last week of training! I know what you’re thinking and you have my apologies for skipping a week! We are STILL without internet and I just didn’t get the chance to spend a couple of hours in Starbucks last week. So week 2 is actually week 3 but in the interest of keeping things in order on the blog I’m sticking to the title of week 2! 😉


REST DAY – It wasn’t supposed to be a rest day but I felt like crap so I listened to my body and took it easy.


Well, today I thought I was being all clever, sneaking out at 6:00am without waking anyone up. But, in the interest of not waking anyone up I skipped my usual fridge fruit raid. I got to the gym and did a little sprint workout to wake myself up, I felt a little sluggish but nothing out of the ordinary. Then I moved onto the circuits portion of the workout… I finished the burpees, got onto my sixth… yes you read that right SIXTH push up… and nearly passed out!!! No joke! I literally felt like my body was a ten ton weight! I somehow dragged myself through the workout and then came home and faceplanted into a massive bowl of porridge! Definitely not my finest hour in the gym but I finished the workout at least!


Wednesday I was assisting a friend with some styling. After a mammoth 12 hour day I got home feeling a little frazzled but knew I needed to work out to attempt to right the wrongs of Tuesdays crapfest of a workout so, somehow, I dragged myself out and ended up having a really good run! Just a quick 5 miles but it really cleared my head. My knees didn’t feel great but I’m coming to accept that as part of running for me. When I can afford to see a physio I will be all over it but for now I’m just keeping my mileage low and not running more than once a week.


Thursday was another busy day work-wise. In the morning I helped with the returns from the shoot and then in the afternoon I had a sampling job so in between the two I busted out a quick and super sweaty Insanity in my living room.


Today I went into the gym with a long workout on the bike planned. My aim was to work on increasing cadence. I got 15 minutes and 5 miles in when Jerry, an old trainer of mine wandered in, spotted me and asked if I wanted to join in his circuits class. He runs KILLER classes and I haven’t been in a while so of course I agreed. He proceeded to kill me for the next hour. Jobs a good’un! 🙂


Saturday I got a quick swim in. Despite leaving myself with barely any time in the pool I managed to get in a quick 10 x 50m and 4 x 75m. So pleased that I’m finally increasing my distances, it doesn’t feel like long ago when I was struggling to complete one length!! I also felt a marked improvement in my stroke, my cadence has decreased and (I think!) become a little more efficient! All in all I’m a happy bunny!


Sunday reeeeeally should have been a rest day after having a girly night in on Saturday night, much wine and ice cream was consumed and very little sleep was had. Safe to say I woke up feeling a little rough on Sunday morning. I also woke up to a little drama because the cat had somehow sneaked out of the window but rather than staying on the ledge like usual, he must have jumped / fallen down to street level. When he realised that he couldn’t get back up & didn’t have anywhere to go he panicked and (luckily!!) started meowing like mad, cue me running outside in my pyjamas, half asleep to grab the little bugger! He’s been looking a little sheepish and staying away from the window ever since! Ha!

Anyway, about the workout! I attempted to figure out watt workouts on the bike. I’m still not exactly sure how it worked or what I should have been doing but I set the watt to 200 and kept my cadence above 90 for the whole workout.

photoI was planning on doing at least an hour but the girls got a little antsy on the bikes so we cut the workout short and moved onto a little circuit instead.

To summarise, not the best week BUT I did something 6 out of 7 days and I had a good week cross training wise, which I really missed the week before! I also squeezed in a run which was much needed. I definitely would have benefited from more swimming and also by clocking more time on the bike so this week I will aim to work on those things.

Soooo… watt workouts?? Anyone?? I def need a little help because my attempt didn’t feel anywhere near hard enough and I know I covered less miles than I normally would have done in the same time, where am I going wrong?

Lots of love, Hayley