I’m ready to tell my story….


It may have taken three weeks to get to this point but I’m ready to fill you all in on how my first Aquathlon went.

Arriving at the pool at 7am I had to quickly remind myself that this was in fact voluntary and no one would be holding me at gun point when I reached the start line. This is what cool people do for fun?!

Nothing screams amateur like walking back from the transition area in bare feet; fortunately Anna was on hand to shuttle me in the right direction and after my 5th and final wee stop I was ready to go home!

At the edge of the pool I stood staring at 2 pretty tasty bums whilst singing Akuna Matata and I meant business! As soon as I got the all clear to go I knew my 30mins+ of torture had begun. My swim was over before I knew it (NOT that I’m that fast) but I did feel strong and catching up with the guy ahead was motivation to go on!

Transition when walking and standing went smoothly-talcum powder and elastic laces made it seamless. But when my foot chip met the ‘transition to run’ board it quickly descended into horror, shock and sheer panic. My legs felt like I’d been in a coma for the past month and were refusing to co-operate. My mouth was wide open, yet no oxygen was getting to my lungs. Glancing at my watch and seeing 8:03 min mile, I knew I was in trouble!

Eventually with gangs of men/torpedoes storming passed me I managed to pick up the pace slightly. Normally I HATE running laps but in actual fact hearing the screeches of support from the Iron Maidens and my family propelled me into picking up my feet (ever so slightly) faster during each lap.  I couldn’t have done it without you all so THANK YOU! I especially couldn’t have finished without you all and I mean this literally. At the end of my race my brain was in shutdown and despite the large banner saying ‘FINISH’ I ran the wrong way! Hearing you all guide me to the finish was a great way to end the pain.

I’m certainly not proclaiming any real victory but my first one is done and I’m alive. 12th senior girl overall will dindangdo! Big shout out to Anna who came 8th 🙂

If anything, it has given me the kick I needed to change my training. Long are the days of steady 16 mile runs around London-now it’s all about short sharp tempo runs. After hitting the deck doing 8x400m flat out on Thurs morning, I know I’ve got a long way to go but I have a clearer path of how I’m going to get there.

I’m handing over the baton to Hayley now-she’s next to represent the Iron Maidens in her debut Duathlon on 10/11. We all know she will STORM it!!

Love N xx

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