Core Work // The Scorpion Push Up

photo 2

Thinking about strength and core work today. I must admit it has kind of slipped off my radar recently, what with all the swim, bike, run that’s been going on. I ended my gym membership a while ago to save pennies and although I do a few bits at home, push ups etc, etc… it has been sporadic at best and I haven’t been near a bar or sandbag in months! :/

So, today I just wanted to (re)share an old favourite of mine… The Scorpion Push Up. These photos were taken back when I was in Cyprus, post 90 minute Muay Thai sweat-fest! (It really was a sweat-fest considering the distinct lack of air conditioning… made us tougher, apparently! Errr…)

Position 1 // Your starting point…

photo 4

Position 2 // Go down into your pushup… this can be done elbows wide or elbows stuck to your body, however you prefer to pushup!

photo 1

Position 3 // As you push back up you want to swing your foot, we’ll say your right foot, over and behind your left foot, like so…

photo 3

Position 4 // Whilst at the same time twisting your body round into a side plank with your right arm pointing straight up in the air. Something like this…

photo 2

Hold for a few seconds before releasing and coming back into your starting position…

photo 4

You can now repeat but leading with the opposite foot, twisting to the opposite side.

Now, repeat as many times as you can on each side! Voilaaa!

After being full of cold all week I’m taking my 90 minute run indoors today, it’s treadmill time! Gawd knows how I’m going to keep myself entertained for 90 minutes on that damned hamster wheel but I think it’s more sensible than exposing myself to the cold and pollution so, it will have to do! Wish me luck! 🙂

Have an awesome weekend, people! Let me know if you try out the pushup!

Lots of love, Hayley xx



It’s been a while, I know, sorry guys! Me and Nina have been having nightmares with our internet and have been offline for going on three weeks now! It goes from driving me mad to being actually quite liberating but I do know that I have missed contributing to this little space of ours, especially with it being so new and all!

We’re currently in the midst of a little scorcher of a heatwave here in London and I’m loving every second of it! Well, apart from those seconds when I am working, then, not so much! Anyhoo, I am currently NOT working and have parked my newly sunburnt tanned self in a lovely airconditioned starbucks and am enjoying an iced latte and more importantly… FREE WIFI!!! Whoop! So, I just wanted to update you guys on how our training has been going. It’s been a crazy few weeks for all of us what with one thing and another… (interviews, new jobs, crazy long hours and trips out of the country all featuring heavily in the mish-mash that has been our schedules!) and if I’m completely honest, the plan has totally gone out of the window (shock!) and we have had to approach training with a more ‘fit it in where we can’ attitude. We kind of knew that these first few weeks would be a bit trial and error but I know that we will find our rhythm soon and then we will be unstoppable, right? Right??! 😉

Because of this we’re thinking that maybe a weekly recap from each of us would give you guys a better idea of what we are actually doing, it will also serve as a handy little training diary for us which I think will be really valuable in showing us our weak spots and therefore how to improve. A friend of mine who is also training for his first triathlon recommended this book and I have pretty much been carrying it everywhere and poring through it every time I have a spare second. It’s quite heavy going but I’m definitely picking up bits and bobs here and there and can really see the value in having a book like this to learn from and then refer back to.


Anyway, starbucks seems to be filled with screaming, devil children and groups of people talking loudly over one another so that is definitely my cue to get the hell outta here!!

Will hopefully be back soon!

Lots of love, Hayley