Moving House


Well, not really moving house BUT I am making the switch back to my old blog… I love my fellow Maidens and the whole idea of The Iron Maidens but I’m just not sure that sharing a blog actually works, I feel like it results in a bit of a lack of identity and can just be a bit confusing in general for readers. So, after a few emails from old Oat Couture readers and friends, I think I’m going to focus more energy into my own thing! Feel free to head on over and have a read, follow along if you like! You can expect lots of swim, bike, run! Lots of good eats and way too many disgustingly cute pictures of my fur-babies!

(You can find me here.)

Watch this space to find out what the other Maidens are going to be getting up to! I know Sarah wants to focus more on foooooood, glorious food! All the healthy stuff of course! And I’m sure Nina will be doing more of the training schtuff!

Thanks so much for all the support, until now! We really appreciate it! You are all pretty fu$@#!g awesome, keep that shit up! 😉

Lots of love, Hayley xx