Swimming lessons, new trisuits and feeling a tad underprepared…



Before I begin I just want to wish my lovely friend Rikke. a very happy birthday! I so wish I could be celebrating with you love! Sending lots of birthday love to Antibes! xxx

Now, is it really Sunday, already?! November is cuuhhhraaazy busy and overwhelming for me and I’m scared to even blink in case I lose a week and find myself ever further behind on my ever growing to do list! Although I’m 5 weeks in I’m only just finding my rhythm with uni work, there has been a distinct lack of motivation. I had to ship myself off to the British library today in the hopes that a change of scenery might light a fire up under me and inspire me to at least make a start on the mountains of work I have to complete. The good news is, it did actually work! Woo hoo! Let’s hope the momentum continues! 😉

In other news I had my first swimming ‘lesson’ the other day with the guys at swimfortri! I was HORRIFIC and it’s completely my own fault! I haven’t been in the pool nearly as much as I should have been and oh man did it show!! I am learning from my mistakes though and will be swimming tomorrow and Wednesday before my 2nd lesson on Thursday! I am DETERMINED to be a decent swimmer, it’s just going to take a little more work that I originally realised! Actually, if I spent half as much time swimming as I do bitching about my local pools crappy opening times then I would be Dara Torres in no time! Ha!

Onto the exciting stuff I HAVE A TRISUIT (see photo above!) and not just any trisuit but a totally BADASS Orca Compression suit! I LOVE it!!! It was a surprise gift from the lovely Luke and it absolutely made my week! So thoughtful! I wanted to get used to it before my race on the 10th so I took it for a spin yesterday on a quick brick and it felt fabulous! (The trisuit NOT the brick!)

As for my upcoming duathlon, I’m not gonna lie, it’s been a little source of stress for me. Being the typical type A personality I am, I like to (over)prepare for everything and after twisting my ankle last month I haven’t been able to train and prepare quite how I would have liked to. This has been a bit of a learning curve for me in that I can’t control everything and things are going to happen that wedge a spanner in the works, whether I like it or not! The important thing is a, how I deal with them and b, that I remember why I’m doing this and that at the end of the day, it’s my 1st ever race! It should be fun and gain me valuable experience, I’m not expecting to win the damn thing, or even place!! As soon as I really accepted this, the nerves kinda disappeared and now I’m just eager for the day to arrive and to get cracking! 😉 I know I’ll have my fellow maidens there to cheer me on and I’m already looking forward to the post race meal! 😉

So in short, I am determined to make November, with all its challenges, a great month! It will be lots of work but come December 1st, I want to look back and know that I gave it my all and learnt a thing or two in the process! Let’s do thisssss!! 

Lots of love, Hayley

P.s We already started November off with a bang, literally! At the fireworks display down at Ally Pally! We snuck in a flask of hot mulled wine and sat and watched the display! I get that when you’ve seen one firework, you’ve seen them all but along with the view of London at night it was pretty impressive and fuelled by the mulled wine and abundance of winter woolies it actually felt kinda festive! 🙂



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