I want to ride my bicycle…

… and finally I CAN!


But, before I get started, first a little update on the cankle situation… it is FINALLY back to normal, still pretty bruised but at least it’s not swelling up every time I break into any pace other than walking! I know that it could have been much worse but I have to admit I have spent much of the past couple of weeks, frustrated. Just before disaster struck, I felt great! Super fast! Super fit! Super motivated! So suddenly having to stop and watch it all run down the drain was annoying. I rested completely for 3 days, I iced and compressed like an obsessive mofo and most difficult of all… tried to be patient. It felt pretty good again so I did a little brick – 2 miles run // 20 mins on bike (on turbo) // 0.5 mile run. It went well but lo and behold the next day I was in pain again. I took the next day off and then the day after that I went out and did 15 miles on the bike… it swelled up again. I took another rest day and waited and then did a quick 5km tempo run… it swelled up again. So, after all these false starts, I erred on the side of caution and took another 3 whole rest days, I felt fine by the 2nd but took a 3rd, just to make sure! FINALLY today I managed a long(ish) ride of 2 hours 40 and have no noticeable swelling! Woo hooo! I did have an ice bath post ride, which may have helped and I am currently sat in my super duper skins compression leggings but more than that I think it really is, finally, mended! BALLER!! This makes me pretty happy as I know that I still have a few weeks before my race in which to build up my form and confidence again. Bollocks to those who say you can’t make a difference in a fortnight! I know I can get myself feeling tip top in 2 weeks and possibly (hopefully) shave a little off my pace as well! 😉

So, todays ride… It wasn’t the fastest due to the torrential rain and side winds that I battled most of the way around BUT I am really happy that I got it done and am just generally thankful that I have the ways and means of being able to head out on a bike and ride for almost 3 hours, I hope I never take it for granted because it’s pretty cool!

Also I only recently realised that I live super close to Epping Forrest, like 8 miles away! How awesome is that?! I am already dreaming up loads of winter trail runs so get ready girls! 😉

Anyhoo I headed out a little later than planned after eating my usual porridge with peanut butter and honey! Breakfast of champions, I tell you! It was raining but only slightly, I suppose I should have known it was only going to get worse but due to being an eternal optimist, I chose to ignore the BBC weather forecast (that I pointlessly checked before leaving). So I set off and it wasn’t so bad but not even an hour in and it was just tipping down! It wasn’t cold, thank god, but I was literally soaked through… (on that note is there such a thing as a waterproof cover for foot / pedal?! If not then there bloody well should be! Maybe I should make my own… and then make millions… and the whole idea will have come from having soggy feet! How glamorous! Ha!) I took shelter for a few minutes at a little roadside cafe, this only made me more aware of just how wet I was so next time I shall just keep going! Lesson learnt!

(At least it was pretty!)

photo 1

As for ride nutrition / hydration, I had my camelbak which was filled with almost 2.0 litres water + cis electrolyte sachet x 2. I also had a couple of nakd bars and a homemade chocolate protein ball (recipe adapted from one of my favourite ball recipes created by the lovely Gina!) I made sure I ate something pretty much on the hour and then I inhaled the protein ball as soon as I got in.

Post ride went something like this – throw EVERYTHING in the washing machine as soon as I get in through the door. Hot shower (stop smelling like wet dog, brilliant!). Start running the bath, ready for icing. Make a cup of tea to help me through said icing. Sit in bath for 10 minutes clutching cup of tea. One final hot shower. Put ALL the compression clothes on.

(Skins, I heart you!)

photo 2

Then FINALLY, make the biggest, tastiest egg scramble known to man.

photo 3

Inhale it. The end.

In the mix was;

  • 2 Eggs
  • Mushrooms
  • Spinach
  • Mixed sprouted seeds
  • Mixed seeds
  • Avocado
  • Walnuts
  • Goats cheese
  • Wholewheat pitta

It feels like such a luxury, having the whole day to train, relax, get schoolwork done etc so I took full advantage of being sat in the same place for more than a minute and skyped Corey for a long overdue catch up which was, as always, awesome!!

Now, It’s time for some seeeeerious study time. So much to do and I’m determined to get cracking so that I’m ahead, or at least not behind! Wish me luck!

Lots of love, Hayley

One thought on “I want to ride my bicycle…

  1. YUM….I wanna eat breakfast with you… 🙂 That scramble looked delish! LOVED and ADORED our Skype date…. Nice picture count too btw…

    xoxo from Trinidad

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