7 day countdown


‘The Fear’ of competition time is looming. This time next week I’ll have taken the plunge into London Fields lido and the big bad world of Aquathlons. Starting my preparation week with a hazy hangover head is admittedly not the greatest, but even the Iron Maidens have to swap their trainers for tequila sometimes!

Take this post as my public declaration that this week I will be eating clean, sleeping for at least 10 hours a night and training carefully to give myself a fighting chance of keeping up with the pack.

My nerves are kicking in, which is going to mean a lot of singing ‘Humpty Dumpty’ at the start line. Hopefully, my tri suit, talcum powder and elastic laces will see me through….watch this space and I will fill you in on all the gory details next week, I am VERY lucky to be joined by Anna Meggitt, an old swimming partner who has now got plenty of experience of these events under her belt. She’ll show me how its done!

In other news….I AM OFFICIALLY A PERSONAL TRAINER! My website ‘Whipp you into shape’ will be coming to you shortly! Eeeeek.

Have a lovely week people!

Love N xx


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