Bit of Inspiration for you… 2012 Ironman World Championship // Kona

Get yourself a cuppa, or better yet, get your bike set up in front of your laptop and settle in to watch last years Ironman World Championship. It’s an emotional ride, kids! Expect a watery eye or two… or maybe that’s just me?! I just can’t get over how incredibly inspirational each and every one of you Ironman finishers are! And Kona? Well that’s just in a league all of it’s own!

Also don’t forget to get October 12th in your diaries! I know me and the other Maidens are planning a Kona themed sleepover, complete with garlands, grass skirts, multiple mai tai’s and live streaming of the Ironman World Championships! Well… the live streaming part is true at least and I’m sure I can get them both on board with the mai tai’s! šŸ˜‰

What gets you inspired? Are you planning on watching the race?

Lots of love, Hayley


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