Running solo…

SUCKS!! Well, running anything over 5 miles on your tod, definitely sucks! The desire to just pack it in early and hop on the bus is overwhelming! Ha!


{Will only run for food!}

So yesterday when I set out on my planned 10 miler, sans friends and sans music (the damn cat chewed yet another pair of earphones!) I honestly wasn’t expecting much. The first couple of (flat) miles felt pretty good, I felt light on my feet etc etc but then when I realised I had inadvertently picked a fairly  hilly route, my heart sank! I powered on round as best I could and only stopped a couple of time to check google maps and to have a drink (Sam, how the frig you got around Helvellyn I’ll never know but MUCH respect to you!! P.s You should totally keep blogging AND triathlon-ing!! Ha!) but I know it would have been much easier had I had my running buddies with me. This is obviously something I need to address because if I ever want to get around a middle or (I’m scared to even utter the words…) full distance (gulp) Ironman then I’m gonna have to get used to running much longer distances than this, all on my lonesome.

Anyway I planned out the route in advance and it totalled 10.44 miles… I made a couple of changes en route just by getting lost completely on purpose, obviously, but I know that there wasn’t much difference in it! Anyway the bloody Nike app told me that I only ran 8 miles! Boo hiss! I was just happy it was over to be honest but then when I got home and plotted out my actual route on , the total came to 9.49 miles ! Yep, I’ll take that one thanks very much! I’ve decided to round it down and call it 9 but I cannot wait to get something more accurate to log my mileage etc.

I’m so tempted to just suck it up and buy the Garmin Forerunner 910XT


It’s so expensive but it sounds fantastic! It does everything I would need it to – for all aspects of triathlon, gets great reviews and I would rather spend the money now than buy a cheaper one and then end up upgrading a few months down the line… justification much?!

What do you guys use? Any tips for getting the best out of this particular device?

After my run I went through my usual routine of food, ice bath, hot shower etc, rested for a while and then, because I’m a real glutton for punishment (and because I’ve really been slacking on my beloved strength training recently), I went to the gym to do some weights. Felt a LOT harder than usual as my body was pretty tired but I’m glad I got it done! These two workouts proceeded to land me in sooooo much trouble with that bloody rumble roller… honestly the noises that were emanating from our living room must have been scary as hell to any passers by but as always, my muscles feel in much better shape than expected this morning. Rumble roller I salute you.

Ooh before I go…

Any tips for running alone? I focused on picking other runners and then trying to catch and overtake them, just to give my mind something else to focus on than ‘Oh god I want to stoppp!’ It kind of worked and it definitely made me work harder than I would have done otherwise!

Lots of love, Hayley


4 thoughts on “Running solo…

  1. I love running solo…I make lists in my head while doing long runs…or plan our next vacation. I try running on a path where I dont have to worry about cars or safety. Then I set my Garmin (i have 2 now) and run. i LOVE my Garmins. seriously…you need to get one girl!!! amazing. (love the new header too)

    xoxo from Trinidad

    • Yeah, I think half my problem was that I wasn’t sure of where I was going so it kept putting me off my stride, but I guess I can make excuses all day long! Haha! Actually, I’m wondering if I can set my route into the garmin, is it that advanced?! How was your trip? Pictures looked insane, I am officially jealous of your fabulous life! 😉 Big love! xx

  2. I like running on my own. Not always, but I think it’s nice to have time on your own in the fresh air to clear your head and have a think about whatever you need to think about… I have a Garmin Forerunner 205 (I think it’s quite an old and basic model) which I use sporadically, but I find it really handy to use for checking my pace throughout a run, or to do some interval running outside instead of on the treadmill where you set the speed. I’m not very technically minded, but it’s nice to see how far you’ve gone, and remember the times you did for different routes and aim to improve your time / pace the next time you do it. Apparently you can upload what you do but I haven’t bothered to read the instructions to work that one out…

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