CycleOps Mag+ Turbo Trainer

Good morning!! Ok, so due to some delivery f**k up yesterday the trainer arrived bright and early this morning. I (obviously) immediately abandoned everything else that I needed to do, in order to get it set up and have a go!

All with the help of my trusty assistant…

photo 1

photo 2

Setting up the actual trainer is a breeze, super straight forward. It might take a little adjusting and re adjusting to get your bike sitting perfectly in the middle of the roller (mines a teeny tiny bit off but apparently that doesn’t matter!) but all in all nothing too complicated! 😉

photo 4


Cue me looking all pleased with myself…

photo 3

Until… I realised that there were ZERO instructions on how to fit the remote shifter… hmm… with a little help from youtube and some poking around, I thought I had it all figured out…


So after all of that, I’m fairly sure it’s fitted correctly BUT I’m not exactly sure what it does…. Erm I’m still gonna  count that as a win, if you don’t mind! Haha!

(Edited to add – After all of my confused vlogging I found the scrap of paper with instructions on how to fit the remote shifter! Ha! Still doesn’t seem to do anything though!?)

Anyway, I’m gonna test it out properly now with a longish ride and I’ll let you know how it goes etc etc.

Anyone out there use a trainer? If so what type? Pros and cons etc?

Lots of love, Hayley

P.S I was really short on time yesterday so I forced myself out of the door and into the rain at about 8:30pm to squeeze in a quick 5km FARTLEK style run. For those that don’t know FARTLEK is basically where you adjust your speed with no set pattern. So you can jog for a little, sprint for a little and all speeds in between, as and when, and for how long, you want. Obviously you need to push yourself, that goes without saying, but I quite like the intuitive nature of this type of run. I also love running in the rain (I know, I’m a freak of nature!) so that made the whole thing a bit more enjoyable! I tend to push myself harder on FARTLEK type runs, rather than counting down the seconds when doing sets. I also run faster in the dark, scared of the bogeyman perhaps?! Haha! So I felt like I really powered through this run.

I tried to focus on increasing my cadence and landing softly, almost like I was running on hot coals… apparently this helps to increase speed… I don’t know but I suppose I should be grateful that I was running in the dark with next to no witnesses! Ha!


One thought on “CycleOps Mag+ Turbo Trainer

  1. I HATE the turbo! It’s too hot and it’s BORING. I say brave the weather whenever you can, unless it’s to a point of being dangerous (had a nasty fall off in the ice 2 years ago, hit my head, smashed my helmet, and very thankful to be one of the sensible ones who always wears one, as apart from whiplash and a beautiful bit of road rash, I was fine). I think there is a saying… something like ‘There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing’. I hope it doesn’t get cold enough to need the turbo this year, but sadly it probably will 😦

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