Badass bikes, turbo trainers & aquathlons!

Well it’s got around to my favourite day of the week again! Although it’s not holding its usual magic for me today, perhaps because of the rain that’s relentlessly hammering away on my window, a big f**k  you to the plans I had to take my shiny new bike out for a spin! :/

photo 3photo 2photo 1

But, not one to be held back by the elements I have just purchased my very own CycleOps Mag+ turbo trainer (I can see this triathlon lark getting expensive! I could drop thousands every time I open my laptop! If I had thousands, that is!) and thanks to chain reaction cycles speedy shipping time I should be all set up and good to go by tomorrow, Wednesday at the latest!

Hopefully there will be a bit of a break in the weather this week so I can get out on the roads and get used to navigating traffic and pedestrians again! Wish me luck with that!

I’m not great with bikes but I do know that this one is a hybrid, leaning slightly more towards a road bike. It has been fully serviced and is ‘running sweet as a nut!’ according to my Dad! He has left me with some pretty spectacular tassles, a helmet, instructions on gears, some bike oil, spare inner tubes and lots of tools that I have no clue how to use… this is gonna be lots of fun!! Haha! Seriously though, how awesome is my Dad!? Really, though! So thankful!

In other (super exciting) news! Annina has entered an Aquathlon!! I won’t say too much right now because I’m sure she will want to post about it herself but I just wanted to say that I’m so proud of her for taking the plunge and getting something booked! I have a feeling she is gonna be something of a dark horse with these aquathlons so watch this space!!

Hope you’re all having a fabulous Monday!

Lots of love, Hayley

Edited to add – I completely forgot to mention my workout yesterday, I did a quick 3 mile interval run, it went like this;

  1. 0.20 miles walking
  2. 0.30 miles running (faster than I would usually)

Repeat x 6 to make up the 3 miles.



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