Hillingdon Sprint Duathlon

Hillingdon Sprint Duathlon

In celebration of finally having a bike I have entered my first ever duathlon, the ‘Hillingdon Sprint Duathlon’. My swimming is nowhere near ready for me to be entering triathlons just yet and despite being desperate wanting to just throw myself into it and let the chips fall where they may, I also have a niggling voice that is telling me to ‘just wait’ and ‘if you’re going to do something then do it properly, or at least do yourself justice!’. I will only have one first attempt at tri and I would like to look back on it fondly, ta very much!

Soooo this Duathlon, it’s only a sprint which means it’s a 2 mile run / 10 mile cycle / 1 mile run. The distances aren’t bad at all, if anything it is the short distances that bother me the most as it normally takes me a couple of miles to get into my stride and get my speed up, running wise. So these short runs probably aren’t going to feel all that pleasant but I’m just really excited to get a little idea of what ‘race day’ is like. I’m ready to soak up the atmosphere and just have a good time! As silly as this might sound, for me, there is always the obligatory panic of ‘what if I go the wrong way’ or ‘bike/run too many laps’ etc etc so I’m looking to get as much experience as I can to hopefully start next season feeling a little more confident!

So, yeah! Just wanted to share the news!!

It’s not until November but it was the first one I found for 2013 that still had open entry! If anyone knows of any others out there please do let me know, I would love to race as much as possible before Winter really kicks in!

Anyone out there contemplating taking the plunge and entering their first race?

My advice, ultimately, is a resounding GO FOR IT! Although I would add that if you are as nervous in any of the disciplines, as I am with swimming, then maybe take some time and get a little expert help before you sign up. It really is important to build a good foundation of technique and fitness! You build a house from the ground up, as they say! If you learn bad habits right from the start, or aren’t efficient in what you do then ultimately it will slow you down and sap that precious, much needed energy.

I am planning on an 8 week course of swimming lessons geared specifically towards triathlon and I can’t wait for them! After this my plan is to join a club so that there is always someone on hand to keep an eye on me, correcting anything that might not be quite right.

Lots of love, Hayley


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