A return to the civilised world + Todays workout

We have internet!!! It’s only taken us months to sort it out but, it’s finally here!

I can only hope that this will mean a return to regular posting, I’ma do my best anyways! I actually have a couple of guest posts lined up so get excited for those! 😉


I have just finished reading Chrissie Wellington’s ‘A life without limits’ and it’s got me all fired up training wise (it’s brilliant, I highly recommend it!) plus I have  finally bitten the bullet and  purchased some new trainers. This might not sound that exciting but my old pair were TWO YEARS OLD!! Eeek!! It was definitely time! I didn’t feel like searching out a new pair so I just got another pair of the exact same Brooks but this time in purple…


Anyway, I was eager to put them (and myself) through their (my) paces so I headed to the gym and completed a mammoth 2 hour 30 minute workout, focused on building my aerobic base. I didn’t use a heart rate monitor (I’m still undecided about which particular watch I should splash my cash on and seeing as they’re all so damn expensive, I’m taking my time!) but I know that I stayed in zone 2 for the majority of the workout, I possibly hit zone 3 for parts of it but I can’t say for sure. I do know that if I base it next to how I feel during an Insanity workout then my heart barely bloody beating! Ha!

My workout;

(10 minutes warm up)

  1. 8 miles cycle
  2. 2 miles run
  3. 8 miles cycle
  4. 2 miles run
  5. 8 miles cycle
  6. 2 miles run

(10 minutes cool down)

All in all it took me 2 hours 30 to complete the whole thing including the warm up and cool down. I took no breaks, aside from an unplanned toilet break after the first set, seriously I have a bladder the size of a PEA! :/

As for how it felt, the only part that I really didn’t enjoy was the first 2 mile run session. All the little muscles around my shin cramped up and made keeping a relaxed and efficient gait almost impossible. I experimented with pacing a little and just stuck it out.  After this the running felt much easier, I guess the first couple of miles are always tough plus I had my new shoes to get used to.

With regards to hydration and nutrition I had a massive 2 litre bottle of water with an electrolyte sachet mixed in, the whole thing was downed! I actually think I lost more than 2 litres in sweat, it was disgusting! But, as I always love to say… if you look pretty at the end of a workout then you def didn’t do it right! Ha! (Such an excuse for me to make no effort with my appearance at the gym!! Haha!). I also ate a freakishly tiny banana about 1 hour 45 minutes in, I was planning on saving it until the end but I couldn’t wait!

I then spent a good 20 / 30 minutes stretching, staggered home, shoved a couple of boiled eggs in my face, plonked myself in an ice bath for a few mins and now I’m tucked up on the couch in my pyjamas! Nothing makes you feel like you deserve a night on the sofa watching Sandra Bullock strut her stuff in Miss Congeniality than 30+ miles covered on stationary machinery in the gym with not even an iPod for company (my iPhone broke just before I set off! :/).

I really want to start logging all of my training and whilst I still haven’t found the most organised way of doing it just yet (note my failed attempt at a weekly roundup!) I will experiment with using this blog for those purposes, bear with me!

Thanks for stopping by!

Lots of love, Hayley


3 thoughts on “A return to the civilised world + Todays workout

  1. Great Job H! Sounds like a killer workout. Be careful running to much initially in new runners. 🙂 Glad you are keen to the ice baths – I swear by them. You should join the Daily Mile. It is not only the most amazing support system EVER for training, but it keeps an amazing log of your workouts forever and you get tons of great advice from people all over the world who know what you are going thru too. I could not have done all the stuff I have done without that website. If you sign up, let me know… have like 600+ friends who would LOVE to add you and inspire you.

    xoxo from Trinidad

    p.s. Skype tomorrow am? mon?

    • Noooo I’ve had like 4 comments from you, all in my bloody spam!! Sorry love! You are most def NOT spam, thank you very much! Did you face time me at like 2am the other day btw… I’m having vague flashbacks of waking up in a panic like ‘whut the hell!’ haha! Are you around tomo? xx

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