Hayley’s Workout Recap // Week 1

postpic1(Yep, they’re cat hairs completely covering my shins… happens every morning around breakfast time! Oscar tries his best to get tangled up in my legs saying ‘hello’ or (more likely) ‘it’s breakfast time, damnit! Feed me woman!’)

Hi guys, sorry this is a day late but we are still without internet and I didn’t have the time to get online yesterday…

I meticulously documented my workouts last week and then I went and closed the page down without saving it… what a wally!! Apparently I have terrible short term memory cause I’m struggling to remember everything that I did but will cobble it together as best I can!

Monday – Nina and I hit the leisure centre to complete as close to a ‘brick’ workout as possible. Obviously jumping straight out of the pool and onto a bike was impossible but we tried to reduce time in between the two! We did;

  • 45 minutes in the pool. It was a bit of a bust for me as far as a ‘workout’ goes but it was useful to work on breathing technique and body positioning in the water.
  • We then completed a hilly 30 minutes on the bike & finished up with;
  • A quick strength workout that went something (I’m sure I’m forgetting something, Nina?) like this;
  1. 3 x 5 unassisted overhand pull-ups (It has taken me freakin’ ages to get to this point but I’m determined to be banging out 3 sets of 10 soon!!)
  2. 3 x 10 Deadlifts
  3. 3 x 10 Chest press
  4. 3 x 10 Hack squats (the last set KILLED me!)

Tuesday – I’m pretty sure that in the morning we did Max Pylo from month 2 of Insanity and then we hit the lido to tan and swim… perfect day! 🙂

Wednesday – I’m also pretttty sure that today was another Insanity special… Max Interval Training from month 2.

Thursday – Today I did a litte sprint workout on the treadmill, it went like this;

  • 5 mins – Walking
  • 5 mins – Tempo run

and then…


  • In between the 2 sets I did 2 minutes at a recovery pace (6.5)
  • I then finished the run with 5 minutes cool down.

(I know I could have gone a fair bit faster but didn’t fancy face planting on the treadmill!)

Then onto the 2nd part of the workout!

  • The bike – 30 minutes interval training (I forget the exact structure but I kept it varied and HARD!)

FridayI can’t for the life of me remember what else I did today (I think I swam?!) but I know I wanted to try the sprint thang again but a little faster this time so I hit the gym and did;

  • 5 mins – Walking
  • 5 mins – Tempo run


  • Once again in between the 2 sets I did 2 mins at a recovery pace (6.5)
  • And then 5 mins cool down to finish.

(Again, I know I can go faster so will increase a little more next time!)

Saturday – I wanted to push myself a little harder on the bike today so I did a pretty evil (it felt pretty evil to me, anyways!) 55 minute workout that went like this;

  1. 20 mins @ level 11
  2. 15 mins @ level 13
  3. 10 mins @ level 15
  4. 5 mins@ 18 (In these 5 minutes I incorporated 3 x 30 seconds out of the saddle climbing @ level 25)
  5. 5 mins @ level 10 cool down

I then jumped straight on the treadmill and did a little 10 minute run, just to see how my legs could cope with the switch;

  1. 5 mins @ 6 / 6.5 (incline 1%)
  2. 5 mins @ 6.5 / 7 (incline 1%)

Let it be noted here that although I HATE running on the treadmill, my ankles seem to go all stiff and my shins hurt and my pace feels all uneven, this little run wasn’t too bad so maybe I just need to get used to it again! Will keep you posted!

I finished this workout off with a quick little circuit, I did this x 3;

  1. 25 secs – Burpees (chest right down to the floor!)
  2. 25 secs – pushups 
  3. 25 secs – plank

SundayREST DAY! I was also a leetle hungover after going out for cocktails with this girl…


… so the rest day was much needed! 😉

All in all I’m happy with the week but I need to make more time for swimming as that’s my main priority right now! I actually found a pretty perfect 12 week training plan in a Triathlon magazine so I’m gonna try it for a bit and see how it fits! I know that I need the structure of a training plan and it’s better if it’s one formulated by a professional as I’m MUCH more likely to stick to it! Will let you know how it goes!

As for the rest of the week, and the reason I was out drinking cocktails…

I am now officially a Dietetics student!! Meep!!! I’m so excited to get stuck in I can’t even tell you! Feeling very lucky and grateful right about now, that’s for sure!

What are you grateful for this week??

Lots of love, Hayley


2 thoughts on “Hayley’s Workout Recap // Week 1

  1. So proud of you H. Keep up the good work! I hate treadmill running too 🙂
    Im grateful for friends like you – who take the time to cheer me up after a rough day or cheer me on before a long run! I love you girl!

    xoxo from Trinidad

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