Who are you?


I found this little quote on Caitlin’s Instagram and I just had to steal it and share with you guys. Thanks, Caitlin!

It’s so easy to let negativity creep in and before you know it, it’s running the damn show! Making you feel less than worthy of living the awesome life that you deserve. So, set the intention each morning that you are going to be the very best version of you possible and then don’t let anything convince you otherwise!

Personally speaking I have been having a bit of a crapfest of a week and I’m having to work extra hard to stay upbeat and positive but one thing that has really been helping is, I’m sure you can all guess.. training and training hard! I had an awesome little sweat fest of a workout this morning (seriously, who needs Bikram in this weather?!) and it picked me right back up! It involved sprint training on the treadmill, interval training on the bike and a little arms based circuit to finish (me) off. I will share it with my little weekly training recap on Monday!

Lots of love, Hayley xx


2 thoughts on “Who are you?

  1. Fitness and training is also one of those things that I can physically do and feel rejuvenated especially during stressful times. I hope u have a great rest of the week, and also~I can’t believe how much your fitness style has changed from what I can remember! 🙂 it has changed, right?

    • Haha ooh I don’t know, it’s still pretty balls to the wall! Haha! Although you’re right, I don’t really do much Muay Thai anymore 😦 It’s too expensive here to join a club so apart from the occasional bit of bag work, I’ve had to find new ways to keep fit! Lots has changed your end too, right? Beautiful little addition to your family?! 🙂 Congratulations, love!

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