Train hard, Play hard!


Up until now, there hasn’t been much noise from the other Iron Maidens. I’d like to start off my FIRST EVER post by saying a huge thank you to the high flying skills of Hayley. Her ‘get it done’ attitude has meant that not only have we begun our tough road to triathlons, you can all laugh at our pain and misery along the way. I know that with Hayley by our sides, the Iron Maidens will be triathletes and bloggers in no time!

This comes to you as I’m on the long awaited journey to Glastonbury. Although 60% of me is dying to get there and see the ‘Rolling Stones’ in the flesh (they’ve still got it!), 40% of me is shaking with fear that I’ll get back into the gym and not be able to drag myself through a single set of burpees.

This weekend I will be giving my muscles a bit of relaxation and rejuvenation in the hope that by Monday the Iron Maidens will be putting me through my paces once more. I refuse to be the girl queuing at the vegan tent, alcohol and meat will be appearing on the menu! But, I do need tips and ideas of how you all keep ship shape on holiday?! I might have to resort to a few muddy push ups (photos to follow)!

With any luck, the sleep deprivation and wading through mud with my life on my back will keep my stamina in check.

Enjoy your weekends – train hard but play hard too!

‘A trophy carries dust. Memories last forever’ – Mary Lou Retton

Love Nina xx


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