Life is Like Riding a Bicycle.


True dat!

How are you going to move today??

I am headed out for a swim! Thankfully things are improving, slowly but surely & that’s all I ask for, to keep getting better!

Have a fab day whatever you’re doing!



2 thoughts on “Life is Like Riding a Bicycle.

  1. Yea for improvement! 🙂 Where are you swimming….Im curious. 🙂 I had a killer spin session this morning followed by lots a great ab work. Now Im resting… 🙂

    xoxo from Trinidad

    • Improving rocks! Perfection is just an illusion anyways! 😉 I’m swimming at a couple of the local pools… will switch to outdoor swimming soon, in the next couple of weeks I guess, when I’m a little more confident! Good on you with the spin session! We have been trying to find somewhere that does classes here but they’re all super expensive! :/ Big love! H xx

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